Conference for recruitment of beneficiaries (participants) SMEs in Greece within the framework of the project with acronym «BRIDGES»

Within the framework of the project with acronym «BRIDGES» and title «BRIDGES OF TRADE» (BSB-861) financed under the ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Programme 2014-2020 the Municipality of Nestos (Greece), as a Lead Beneficiry of the project, organized a local 1-day conference on 20 May 2022, aiming at recruiting the beneficiaries SMEs from the  Municipality of Nestos and NUTS ΙΙΙ EL515 THASOS, KAVALA region.


The local conference in Greece was promoted through an 1 open call widely published & implementation of the 2nd promotional campaign by broadcasting of 1 TV presentation, 1 Radio presentation, 2 Press releases, 1 Newspaper insert, 383 sms, 383 e-mail calling any interest SMEs to participate, while all the enterprises included in the list developed in previous LB activity (A.T1.2 Identification of  potential beneficiaries (buyers – sellers) was also invited. During the local conderence in Greece was presented and explained in details the nature, the content and the procedures of the project BRIDGES, as well as its feasibility and the expected results. Also, questionnaires BRIDGES was presented and all interested eligible attendants SMEs from the agricultural & connected sectors filled them on site. After the 10-day period, the LB selected the 16 final beneficiaries SMEs (buyers and sellers), according to criteria set during the 1st steering committee meeting that was held earlier in Romania, ensuring that the selection process is transparent and accessible by any SMEs having filled in a questionnaire. All interested SMEs was informed in written (via e-mail & sms) about the selection results, procedures and next steps regarding SMEs participantion in project activities.


In the next stage of the project, will be organized 1 training course 20- hours (on-line) in Greece for the selected SMEs. The training content is built upon the answers of the questionaries, regarding the support requested by the SMEs. Anyhow, some predefined issues will be presented such as: – Elements of the legislation regarding the international trade – Quality requirements – Incoterms – Financial transactions – Pricing – Transportation methods – Principles of

negotiations – etc.  & ICT tool will be created based on the material of  the traing course. The training material from the 5 training courses organized by each project Partner (training plan, presentations, questions and answers, training video) will be consolidated, digitized and form an ICT based tool that will be available to any interested party. This ICT tool will be uploaded on the project website and can be used to support CBC increasing CB trade opportunities for the agricultural and connected products, during and after the project, ensuring sustainability and transferability of the expected results and outputs.  After the completion of the training course in Greece, LB in cooperation with all Project Partners is going to orgaize the participation of the Greek SME’s in the 2-day “BRIDGES” events in Greece, Romania, Moldova, Armenia and Turkey (as project partners). Each project partner is going to organize a 2-day event -called “BRIDGES”- where sellers from its region will meet buyers from the other partners’ regions in predefined, confidential, 30-minutes meetings in order to discuss and identify the potential for their collaboration.The meetings are going to take place in individual tables (one per each buyer) according to the time schedule. Last minute meetings are also possible upon request to the secretariat. The meetings will be monitored by the host partner on a sampling basis Interpreters hired by the host partner will facilitate the communication between partners and sellers from different countries. In the end of the 2nd day, the participants will fill in a questionnaire for the assessment of the results. Based on the results, the host partners will compose an evaluation report and present it during the next Steering Committee.

            The project with acronym BRIDGES funded by the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 aims to promote business and  entrepreneurship within the Black Sea Basin and increase cross-border trade opportunities and modernisation in the agricultural and connected sectors, ensuring sustainability and transferability.


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