Local Public Event Meeting in Turkey


Bridges of Trade Project

A.C.2 Local Public Event


Minute of the Local Public Event Meeting




The staff appointed by the contractor took registrations of participants and delivered the promotional materials. District Governor Erdoğan Turan ERMİŞ gave his speech on the importance and the potential of agricultural products’ cultivation and trade. He also conveyed his gratitude for all the participants and SMEs for their contribution to the Bridges of Trade Project. After the District Governor, Mayor of Çatalca, Mr. Mesut ÜNER, gave his speech on the works and efforts of Çatalca Municipality to foster hi-tech agricultural activities and enterpreneurship among the citizens of Çatalca district. He also told his gratitude to the Çatalca District Governorate and it’s staff for implementing such project and contribute Çatalca in multiple ways. After the Mayor’s speech, Project Coordinator Ali Mulcar started his presentation containing the implemented activities and pictures from the start of the project till the end. He mentioned the importance of the achieved experience from the project for all the parties from public bodies, NGOs and to the SMEs. After the project coordinator’s presentation, project beneficiaries, Mr. Murat KAPTAN, Mr. Seyit ÇETİN, Mrs. Nazan KURTAN and Mr. Maksut ABBASOĞLU all came to the stage and shared their experiences gathered within the implemented project activities such as the Bridge events conducted both in Turkey and in other countries. They all expressed their gratitude to the District Governorate for implementing and funding authorites for granting such project that helped them open their vision and horizon. After the beneficiaries’ speeches, Project Coordinator Mr. Ali MULCAR expressed his gratitued to all participants for their presence at the conference and wished success for future projects to be implemented. After the meeting, staffs appointed by the contractor served treats for the participants at the foyer area of Çatalca Nazım Özbay Culture Center.

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