Participants Training in Armenia

As Project Partner 3 within the Bridges of Trade Project, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Armenia, “Event Center” company implemented participants training activity aimed to inform project beneficiaries on elements of the legislation regarding the international trade, quality requirements, incoterms, financial transactions, pricing, transportation methods, principles of negotiations, licensing. Issues related to the principles of quality management standards, customs procedures, quality certification, marketing, management and other issues, which are interconnected and complementary links in the same chain.


At the opening organization of Participants Training Course, Operational Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RA Vladimir Amiryan mentioned that it is preferable to hold the seminar not only in lengthy lectures, but also in terms of specific questions, agenda-setting discussions and active debates, due to which it turned out to be very effective.


As large businesses have greater export opportunities, the participants were mainly small and medium-sized businesses who were interested in many legislative changes, production and export details.


After the opening programme, the lecturers of the seminar, Ruben Sarukhanyan and Hermine Poghosyan, mentioned that especially in small business, mutual recognition contributes to the formation of internal cooperation, enrichment of information, and organization of joint exports. And with that in mind, the participants presented their business, export experience, difficulties, which can be solved to some extent, especially in the combination of capabilities and opportunities in export, the creation of joint brands.


Almost all the details related to exports, difficulties, opportunities and options to overcome them, legislative changes that are needed today, especially for startups, were discussed.


The participants noted with satisfaction that such a measure of holding seminars is a training course especially for small businesses and startups.

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