Çatalca District Governorate

District Governorate of Çatalca, situated in Çatalca, Istanbul, Turkey, is a district governorship established in 1923 and the main public authority responsible for governmental and administrative issues in the district and coordinates the all services of public institutions and organizations in Çatalca. Our organization takes an active role in the economic, cultural, educational and social development of Çatalca. District Governorate of Çatalca is related to providing of the regional policy, performance of the state governance at the local level and ensuring compliance between the national and the local interests. We are working in cooperation with our directorates serving in the departments of education, health care, agriculture, security, social life, religious affairs, employment, youth and sports, economy, and population. The key persons who will be appointed for the project implementation have expertise on project cycle management (PCM) and the seminars about the PCM, the former EU programs (Lifelong Learning and Youth Programs) and a new EU program (Erasmus+) have been organized in the district in order to disseminate the project culture and project based thinking among the people in the region. They have a good organizational skills and a good command of communication and ICT skills. Our project team have been working to increase the project diversity and to introduce the opportunities of the projects for the target groups coming from different cultural and social backgrounds.

As Çatalca District Governorate, one of our prior objectives is to take part in the projects which meet the needs of Çatalca and contributes in strategic development of Çatalca by developing unique projects and to benefit from available local and EU grants by observing the new developments in public administration and civil society and in the process of EU candidateship. One of our priorities is to place emphasis on the human resources training in order to develop effective and productive projects. Within this framework, we have increased the number of the local projects aiming to facilitate the social integration, to promote entrepreneurial spirit, to assist people to get information, experiences and competences, to enhance the tolerance among people who have different cultural and social backgrounds, to eliminate the discrimination and to provide women and youngsters with an opportunity in establishing their own policy. It has been aimed to benefit from the grants and support programs in cooperation with public institutions, organizations, local municipalities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), private sector and citizens in Çatalca within the framework of EU programs, IPA, CFCU and Istanbul Development Agency.

The staff carry out the tasks such as; informing about the EU programs and EU opportunities, and dissemination of the project activities in cooperation with public and private institutions and non-governmental organizations. The project key staff also support and assist the people who want to prepare the projects for related call of proposals which meet needs of the people in Çatalca District Governorate of Çatalca is the greatest administrative authority in decision-making in Çatalca district.

The land is the place where agriculture and animal husbandry have the largest lands of Istanbul. Our administration is a public institution working in the region to contribute our state to reach 2023 goals. Within the frame of Erasmus 2014 program of our institution, EGPİS, “ENCOURAGING GIRLS’ PARTICIPATION IN SPORTS”. The budget we applied for this project was 523.000 Euro. Within the scope of our activities; 

Ø  Attracting local and foreign investments;

Ø  Development of international cooperation;

Ø  Development of local communities;

Ø  Stimulating economic growth and economic development by increasing competitiveness of the region;

Implementation of state, local and international programs aiming at social and economic development of the region.

The administration is working to accomplish the fields of activity above. In addition, two big projects are being carried out in our region in cooperation with NGOs in agriculture and animal husbandry areas in 2016 and 2017 by Çatalca Governorate. These projects have made a lot of influence despite being local. The first one is called ‘Healthy Tomorrow from Our Farms to Our Tables’ (300.000 € budget) and the second one is called ‘Development of Young Entrepreneurship in Animal Products Sector’ project (200.000 € budget). Hence, from the above mentioned it is assumed that the Partner has direct operation in Agriculture and Trade and at the same time the capacity and experience to implement EU funded projects.

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