Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Armenia

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Armenia (CCI of RA) was founded in April 2002 in compliance with the RA law on “Chambers of Commerce and Industry”. According to that law the Chambers of Yerevan and Regions were integrated and established CCI of RA which represents the common interests of all of them and coordinates the activities of all other Chambers and performs on behalf of all of them both within the country and abroad. The whole system of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry includes the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan and 10 Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry, as well as a wide range of organizations founded by the CCI of RA.


The primary mission of the Chamber is the improvement of business environment, creation of favorable conditions for enterprise development promotion of export and investments, support to small and medium enterprises and finally promotion of economic development of the Republic of Armenia and facilitating its integration into the global economic system. Aiming at solving the mentioned problems the Chamber undertook a number of functions as follows:

Ø  To promote competitive product manufacturing and enhancement of export potential

Ø  To provide services to member organizations

Ø  To assist the establishment of cooperation between business organizations, and becoming bridge between business organization and state bodies

Ø  To organize business forums, exhibitions and fairs

Ø  To contribute to the establishment and development of business promotion infrastructures

Ø  To cooperate with other business promotion institutions, integrate all Chambers of Commerce and Industry within territory of the country

Ø  To exchange know-how with various international institutions

Ø  To encourage CCI of RA member companies’ engagement in valuable projects which can be effective for creating sustainable business environment

Ø  To support businesses get access to funding

Ø  To provide business development and incubation services to startups

Ø  To provide other services aimed at the improvement of the country’s economy. 

The CCI of RA is directly linked to the sector of Trade and its members and target groups operate in the above mentioned field as well as in other fields related to primary production and tertiary sector. Hence, it can be assumed that the Chamber addresses to the same target groups and final beneficiaries with the project. This fact is essential for the effectiveness of the project itself as it will positively benefit the trade and agricultural sector of Armenia, this leading to the sustainable development of the area. The Chamber, as Partner in the project, will implement all the activities assigned while it will add value in the project by offering its experience in EU project implementation and connections with authorities operation in the Trade and Agricultural sector.

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