Conference for recruitment of beneficiaries (participants) SMEs in Romania within the framework of the project with acronym «BRIDGES»

The activity A.T1.3- Recruitment of the beneficiaries (September 2nd 2022) was organized and implemented on-line (via Zoom Platform) by the responsible PB2 ACTEDJ.

The meeting started at 10 o’clock and was attended by SME’s representatives and public authorities from Galați county.

Mrs. Natalia Budescu-Sălceanu from PB2, the Cross-Border Cooperation Association “Lower Danube Euroregion” (ROMANIA) welcomed everyone and presented herself as Director of ACTEDJ. She kindly asked everyone to introduce themselves and share background information about the companies they represent.

Following the introduction, Oana Prajinariu introduced herself as the PR expert and made a brief presentation regarding the project and the activities undertaken within it, as well as the activities that will be carried out.

Mrs. Natalia Budescu-Sălceanu outlined to the participants the opportunities offered to the SMEs in the framework of the project such as training in international trade, participation in the upcoming BRIDGES international events and the possibility to expand their business internationally through foreign trade.

At the end of the presentation, an open discussion was launched regarding agriculture in Romania and especially in Galati county. SMEs representatives welcomed the BRIDGES initiative and were interested in actively participating in the forthcoming project activities. Participants were invited to fill in a questionnaire disseminated during the meeting and return it to PB2.

In closing, Mrs. Natalia Budescu-Sălceanu thanked the participants for attending and told them that they would be informed regarding the activities of the project through e-mail.

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