City Hall of Bălți Municipality

Balti Municipality is an independent administrative unit, the second largest city in the Republic of Moldova, a major industrial, economic and cultural center of Northern Development Region of Moldova, or as it is often called “the northern capital of Moldova. Bălți Municipality is a territorial unit of Moldova (it has had the status of municipality since 1994), containing the city itself, and the villages of Elizaveta and Sadovoe.

The Mayor Office / City Hall (Romanian: Primăria) is headed by the Mayor (Romanian: Primar), and administers the local affairs, while the Municipal Council serves as a consultative body with some powers of general policy determination. It is composed of 35 council members elected every four years. As a local authority, it has the autonomy to implement policies that aim at the enhancement of the citizens’ life and the sustainable development of the region.

Furthermore, within its territory operate various businesses related to agriculture and trade and a considerable amount of people work in them. This fact shows that the Municipality’s aims are directly linked to the objectives of the project and the benefits from the implementation will be multiple. Finally, it should be stressed that the City Hall has a rich experience in implementing projects from different funds, including European ones, this adding value to the project.

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