Conference for recruitment of beneficiaries (participants) SMEs in Turkey within the framework of the project with acronym «BRIDGES»

Within the A.T1.3 Recruitment Conference activity, aimed to designate 40 seller and 6 buyer SMEs, under Bridges of Trade project, conference organisation has been carried out on 1st of June 2021, Tuesday from 14:00 to 15:30 at Çatalca Arif Nihat Asya Industrial Vocational High School’s conference hall. 150 invitations were printed and distributed to the related SMEs which were listed in the A.T1.2 Idendification of Potential Beneficiaries activity and the other SMEs reported by District Directorate of Agriculture. District governor Erdoğan Turan ERMİŞ, Deputy Mayor Hüseyin AYDIN, Provincial Agriculture Deputy Manager Alper KOCATÜRK, District Director of Agriculture Kadir GÜNGÖR, Prof. Dr. Ömür KOÇAK from İstanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Veterinary, Mukhtars (neighbourhoods’ and villages’ elected representatives), Managing Directors of Public Offices of Chamber of Agriculture Seyit ÇETİN, District Agricultural Credit Cooperative Manager Ömer KISAOĞLU, representatives of other NGOs and in total 83 Agriculture, Husbandry and Sea Products SMEs’ representatives were present at the conference.

            At the enterance of the conference, participants were filled and signed the participants list and get their participant kits including project’s promotional USB, EU Flag-project- programme logo and project name printed agenda and pen, 2 informative brochures promoting project, SME Recruitment Request Forms, SME Questionnaires. Then, participants watched the project’s TV Presentation(A.C.1) previously broadcasted on Köy TV.

            Provincial Agriculture Deputy Manager Alper KOCATÜRK started giving his speech on the agricultaral potential of Çatalca district compared to other districts of İstanbul. After him, Deputy Mayor Hüseyin AYDIN gave his speech on the  maintaining sustainable agricultural production. Then District governor Erdoğan Turan ERMİŞ gave his speech on the importance of entrepreneurship and taking part in productive projects especially for SMEs of agriculture, husbandry and sea products; previous projects and future plans of Governorship. After him, project’s local coordinator Ali MULCAR made his presentation promoting Bridges of Trade project and telling participants how to fill in the recruitment request forms and questionnaires and the next steps of the project. Then, Prof. Dr. Ömür KOÇAK from İstanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Veterinary made his presentation on the questionnaire (A.T1.2) report and SWOT analysis that his academic team carried out with SMEs to inform them about the results.

            Participants were asked to hand over the forms they had filled in to the desk at the enterance of the hall and conference was closed.

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