Participants training

After the recruitment of potential beneficiaries, each Project Partner will organize a 20-hour training course for the selected beneficiaries. The training content will be built upon the answers of the questionnaires, regarding the support requested by the beneficiaries. Anyhow, some predefined issues will be presented such as:

  • Elements of the legislation regarding the international trade
  • Quality requirements
  • Incoterms
  • Financial transactions
  • Pricing
  • Transportation methods
  • Principles of negotiations, etc.

At the end of the course, the attendants will be asked to fill in a course evaluation questionnaire The training material from the 5 training courses (training plan, presentations, questions and answers, training video) will be consolidated, digitized and form an ICT based tool that will be available to any interested party. This tool can be used to support cross-border cooperation increasing cross-border trade opportunities for the agricultural and connected products, during and after the project.

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